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Bark Collar

The curved edge of the keeper should face inward. Feed the free end of the collar into the slot of the buckle that is closest to the logo, from back to front. Thread the free end of the collar through the outside slot, from the front to the back. http://www.dogshockcollarsreviews.com/shock-collar/best-shock-collar/The free end should now hang on the outside. The intensity levels range with the lowest number being the lowest level and highest number the highest level. It is recommended to begin training at the lowest level. Gradually increase intensity if your dog continues to bark. Closely monitor your dog's reaction to find the correct stimulation level. Take off all other collars and place the spray collar around the neck, directing spray valve toward the snout and unobstructed from dog hair. Adjust the collar for a proper fit by allowing two fingers space between your dog's neck and the device.

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Bark Collar

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